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Legal information

Privacy and Data Protection Policy



Applicable law

Pursuant to the provisions of European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the transposition thereof into Spanish law as Organic Law 3/2018 on Personal Data Protection and guaranteeing digital rights (“LOPD”), and all other applicable implementing regulations, NIZACARSALES hereby informs the users of its website (“Website”) that the personal data voluntarily provided through it by means of forms included in different sections of the Website are saved in files and that the data controller is the company SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA , S.L. (“SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA ”), the parent company of the brand NIZACARSALES as well as the companies under the trademarks   (“  Group”) and NIZACARSALES (“NIZACARSALES Group“), as indicated in the corresponding sections of the Website.

The companies grouped under the NIZACARSALES and   brands are those companies appearing in the list that users may consult on said groups’ respective websites.

The personal data collected are subject to both automated and conventional processing and are included and saved in files under the responsibility of SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLU or the companies that market the NIZACARSALES Group or   Group services, which are the data controllers of the corresponding files. These files have been duly registered, as applicable, with the Spanish Personal Data Protection Agency General Register.

The purpose of the collection of the personal data is to be able to provide and inform of services and products the companies offer and maintain commercial, promotional and service contact with existing or potential customers (see the section on the purpose of personal data collection). The assignment or disclosure of said data to third parties is not expected except to the company SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLU as the parent company of NIZACARSALES Group. By filling in a form on this Website, users recognise that the information and personal data provided are their own, accurate and true.

For each specific situation, each personal data collection form on the Website expressly states who is/are the personal data processor/s and controller/s of the corresponding files.

Exercise of user rights

The rights of access, rectification, erasure, restricted processing, portability and objection to which users may be entitled can be exercised in accordance with current regulations by sending a request to our email address created for said purpose – – or by standard post to NIZACARSALES – Dept. Asesoría Jurídica, AVDA COMANDANTE GARCIA MORATO 42, 29004 MALAGA, MALAGA, which must be accompanied by a photocopy of the ID document or valid legal equivalent accrediting user identity.

Principle of personal data quality

Full or partial failure by users to provide the personal data requested of them in a form on the Website may make it impossible for NIZACARSALES Group companies to respond to their request for information or provide the services offered via the Website.

Whenever necessary, the user is responsible for notifying the data controller of any changes to the personal data provided in order for the information contained in the files to be kept up-to-date and not contain any errors.

The NIZACARSALES Group companies comply with current law in terms of their duty to cancel any personal information that is no longer necessary for the purpose or purposes for which it was collected and must block said information – for the purpose of enabling a response to potential liabilities deriving from the processing of the data and only during the periods of prescription applicable to said liabilities. Following expiry of said periods, this information will be definitively deleted using secure methods.

Users under the age of 13 cannot send any type of personal information without the consent of their father/mother or legal guardian. NIZACARSALES Group companies are not liable for any personal information sent by those under the age of 13 without the required authorisation.

Highly protected data

Pursuant to current personal data protection laws and in the event that information on ideology, trade union affiliation, religion or beliefs is provided to us, the user must also provide express and written consent in the corresponding form to enable the processing of this information. Similarly, data related to racial origin, health and sexual preferences also require express consent from the user in the corresponding form to enable the processing thereof.

As regards the possible disclosure of this type of personal data to third parties, we will duly inform the user in each specific case and provide the means to exercise any rights to which the user may be entitled, in accordance with current laws.

Purpose of personal data collection

Among other things, the purpose for collecting and processing personal data is to enable contact with the user so as to respond to and appropriately manage queries, comments, incidents or suggestions sent; manage basic administration tasks and issue quotes, amend or deactivate loyalty cards whenever they are offered; maintain users informed, either by email or any other means, about news and services (if necessary, to manage the appropriate service) related to companies in the transport and automotive sector; and manage user participation in the training courses offered, competitions and personnel recruitment processes.

As regards the processing of data for solely promotional or advertising purposes, the corresponding personal data collection form provides users with the option to object to such action when providing their personal data. Furthermore, users are provided with a pertinent, simple and free process for freely expressing their objection whenever deemed necessary.

In the event that the user does not wish to receive this information, this decision may be freely expressed via the aforementioned channels for exercising rights and, at any event, by ticking the corresponding box in the section of the Website. Acceptance for the delivery of commercial or advertising information may be revoked at any time, with no retroactive effects.

Disclosure and/or transfer of personal data

As regards the possible disclosure of data to third parties, we will duly inform the affected party in each case and provide the means to oppose such action, in accordance with current law. This will exclude those data that, for legal management or processing reasons, must be disclosed to official bodies of the public administration services.

In the event that a user does not authorise the transfer of their personal data to another legal entity within the business group besides the entity requesting their personal data, the user must tick the corresponding box in the section of the Website where said form is being used.

Consent for the disclosure of personal data may be revoked at any time, without retroactive effects.

Security measures

All levels of technical and organisational personal data protection security required by current law have been adopted, based on the type of information being processed, and additional technical resources and measures within its power to avoid the alteration, loss, and unauthorised access to or processing of the personal data provided have been implemented.

The pertinent measures for ensuring information security and confidentiality of the data provided via the Internet have been adopted. To do so, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used, a system that enables encryption of the information sent to us and prevents the unauthorised reading thereof, even when inappropriately intercepted. Notwithstanding the above, the user must be aware that Internet security measures are not infallible at this time.

When accessing our Website, we do not store any information on the user’s computer via cookies for the purpose of enabling automatic recognition the next time they visit the Website.

This Internet portal contains links to other websites related to companies within the NIZACARSALES Group.

Changes to the privacy policy

The companies within the NIZACARSALES Group reserve the right to change this privacy policy in order to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential developments. In such cases, the changes will be announced on this Website with reasonable notice ahead of the implementation thereof.

Furthermore, users will be provided with suitable technical resources so that they may access this privacy policy and data protection notice in advance, as well as access the informative texts and consent request forms for the processing of their personal data, for each situation in which such information is collected via this Website.




This section of this document (hereinafter, the “PRIVACY POLICY”) seeks to regulate use of the Website that SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUmakes available to the public at the URLs,

The intellectual property rights to this Website, its source code, the databases

and the various elements contained therein are the property of SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA , which is the sole party entitled to exercise rights over the Website itself and, in particular, those of reproduction, distribution, public communication, maintenance and transformation. Use of the Website by a third party assigns said party the status of user and implies full acceptance by said user of all the terms and conditions defined in this Privacy Policy.


Users undertake to use the Website, content and services in accordance with the law, this Privacy Policy, best practices and public order. Similarly, users undertake not to use the Website or those services provided via the Website for purposes or effects of an illegal nature or contrary to the content of this Privacy Policy that damage the interests or rights of third parties or that, in any way, damage, render useless or deteriorate the Website itself or the services thereof, or prevent satisfactory use of the Website by other users.

Furthermore, users expressly undertake to not destroy, alter, disable or in any way cause the loss of data, programs or electronic documents and other elements that may be found on this Website.

Users undertake not to obstruct access by other users to the Website service through the large-scale consumption of the computing resources via which SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUprovides the service, as well as not to undertake actions that may damage, interrupt or generate errors in said systems.

Users undertake not to introduce programs, viruses, macro-instructions, applications, controls from any other logic device or sequence of characters that may cause or enable any kind of alteration to the computer systems owned by SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUor third parties or, where appropriate, violate the intellectual or industrial property rights.

Users undertake not to make use of information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, generally-speaking, any kind of material made accessible through this Website or the services offered thereon. As a result, SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUrejects any liability deriving from the damages that may be incurred by any visitor to this Website to their technology resources (computer or electronic) as a result of any of the circumstances or situations stated in the previous paragraph. Similarly, SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUdoes not guarantee that the Website and the server are virus-free and accepts no liability for the damage caused through accessing the Website or impossibility to do so.

SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUis not responsible for the information that may be obtained via links to external systems from this Website.


This Website and all its content, including the texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphics, databases and computer programs, as well as the logos, trademarks, trading names and other distinctive hallmarks, are the property of SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUor third parties that have authorised the use thereof. All rights reserved.


SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUliability regarding use of the Website

Users are solely responsible for any wrongdoings they may commit and for the damages they may cause or incur through use of this Website, and SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUis exempt from any liability that may stem from actions taken by users.

Users shall be solely liable for any grievance or legal action, judicial or extra-judicial, brought by third parties against SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUregarding use of the Website by said users.

As the case may be, users shall assume liability for all expenses, costs and compensations claimed from SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUas a result of grievances or legal actions brought against it.

SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA , S.L. liability regarding Website functionality

SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUhereby waives any liability that may stem from interference, omission, interruption, unwanted intromission, telecommunications faults, computer viruses, telephony faults or disconnections in the electrical system caused by situations beyond the control of SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA .

SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUshall always endeavour to offer the information contained in the Website correctly and without typographical errors. In the event that any such error arises at any time, which shall never be the will of SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA , immediate corrective action shall be taken. If there is a typographical error in any of the prices shown, a user is sent information containing this error and the user has made a purchase decision based on said error, it will be communicated to the user by SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUas soon as possible and the user shall be entitled to rescind the purchase at no additional cost.

SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUliability regarding links from the Website

SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLUrejects all liability regarding the information (content) or risks (technical, moral or economic damages) that may exist beyond the Website and to which access may be gained from links on this Website, given that the purpose of said links is simply to inform users of the existence of other sources of information on a specific topic.


Any dispute arising from the interpretation or implementation of this Privacy Policy shall be governed by Spanish law. Furthermore, SPAIN PROJECT BIENE MAYA, SLU(through its legal representation) and the user (including when the user resides overseas) hereby waive the right to any other jurisdiction and accept that of the courts and tribunals of the city of Sabadell.

General information

Under Article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and e-Commerce Services, and in accordance with the principle of transparency adopted by our company, Website users are hereby informed of the ownership thereof:

  • Trade name: NIZACARSALES
  • Registered address: AVDA COMANDANTE GARCIA MORATO 42, 29004 MALAGA, MALAGA,
  • Tax identification number: B88023213
  • Details of registration with the Companies Register of Málaga: asiento número 758, diario 405, tomo 5767, folio 206, inscripción 2ª, hoja MA-147130
  • Email address: